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What Happened in the New Season of Mindhunter?

Mindhunter is an American crime drama web television series created by Joe Penhall, based on the true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. The first season was released on October 13, 2017, on Netflix.

The series stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv. Mindhunter investigates serial killers and their psychological profiles in an attempt to understand and catch future killers.

What Happened in Mindhunter Season 2

Mindhunter season 2 picks up in the aftermath of the first season’s gruesome finale, in which Agent Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Agent Tench (Holt McCallany) capture the BTK killer. The new season sees the Mindhunter team – now including Dr. Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), a psychologist who is helping them build profiles of serial killers – grappling with the fallout from their success.

The team’s newfound notoriety has brought them both new opportunities and new threats. While they are being consulted by the FBI on high-profile cases all over the country, they are also being targeted by a vicious killer who seems to be inspired by their work.

As the team races to catch this new killer, they must also deal with the personal demons that have been unleashed by their work. Agent Ford is struggling with his memories of the BTK killer, while Agent Tench is dealing with the fallout from his wife’s affair. And Dr. Carr is grappling with her own dark past.

The new season of Mindhunter is a gripping and suspenseful ride that will leave you eager for more.

New Characters and Plot Lines

There are a few new characters introduced in Mindhunter season 2. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Dr. Wendy Carr

A psychologist who joins the Mindhunter team in season 2. She is instrumental in helping them build profiles of serial killers.

Bill Tench

Agent Tench’s estranged wife, who he reconnects with in season 2. She is played by Julia Garner.

Holden Ford

Agent Ford’s new girlfriend, Debbie Mitford (Hannah Gross).

The new season also introduces a number of new plot lines, including the team’s investigation into the Atlanta Child Murders. This case becomes particularly personal for Agent Ford, who grew up in Atlanta.

Another major plot line revolves around the Mindhunter team’s rivalry with the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) of the FBI. The BSU is headed by Agent Ted Gunn (Michael Cerveris), who is not a fan of the Mindhunter team’s methods.

Finally, the new season also sees the return of the BTK killer, who plays a major role in the plot.

What the Critics Think of Mindhunter Season 2

Mindhunter season 2 has been met with critical acclaim. The show has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critics’ consensus reading: “Mindhunters second season expands its scope without losing sight of what makes the show so compelling: its nuanced exploration of the psychology of evil.”

The New York Times called it “a master class in suspenseful storytelling,” while Variety praised its “gripping” and “compelling” portrayal of the hunt for a serial killer.

If you’re a fan of Mindhunter, then you’ll be sure to enjoy the new season. If you’re not familiar with the show, then this is a good time to catch up, as season 2 is sure to be one of the most talked-about TV shows of the year.

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10 Weird Horror Movies You Can Stream

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you know that there are endless ways to get your fix. You can stream classic thrillers, gore-filled slasher flicks, or even mind-bending psychological thrillers. But sometimes, you just want something different. If you’re in the mood for a truly weird horror movie experience, check out one of these 10 titles. From body-horror classics to cult favorites, these movies will definitely leave you feeling disturbed.

10 Weird Horror Movies You Can Stream

Eraserhead (1977)

Directed by cult-favorite filmmaker David Lynch, Eraserhead is a weird and unsettling body horror movie that follows Henry Spencer (played by Jack Nance), a man who is left to care for his deformed child. This movie is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it’s a must-see for fans of weird horror.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a German Expressionist classic that tells the story of a mad doctor who uses a sleepwalking man to commit murders. This movie is visually stunning, and its dark themes are sure to leave you feeling disturbed.

The Gate (1987)

The Gate is a cult classic about a group of kids who accidentally open a portal to another world, unleashing a horde of demons into our reality. This movie is packed with thrills and chills, and it’s sure to satisfy any horror fan’s craving for something weird.

Society (1989)

Society is a body horror classic that follows a wealthy teen who gradually realizes that his privileged social class is hiding a dark secret. This movie is visually disgusting, and its themes of class division are sure to leave you feeling uneasy.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic slasher flick that follows a group of teens who are terrorized by a family of cannibals. This movie is brutal and gruesome, and it’s sure to leave you feeling traumatized.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project is a found footage classic that follows a group of students who venture into the woods to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch. This movie is terrifying, and its found footage aesthetic makes it all the more unsettling.

Antichrist (2009)

Directed by Lars von Trier, Antichrist is a controversial and disturbing movie about a couple who retreat to the woods in an attempt to save their marriage. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but its dark themes and shocking images are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

The Human Centipede is a body horror movie about a mad scientist who kidnaps victims and surgically attaches them mouth-to-anus to create a human centipede. This movie is graphic and disgusting, and it’s sure to leave you feeling nauseous.

The Shining (1980)

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is a classic psychological thriller that follows a man who descends into madness while isolated in a hotel. This movie is haunting and disturbing, and its iconic images are sure to stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Rosemary’s Baby is a classic horror movie that follows a woman who becomes pregnant with the devil’s child. This movie is unsettling and creepy, and its themes of motherhood and Satanism are sure to leave you feeling disturbed.
There you have it! 10 best horror movies to stream when you’re looking for something weird. So put on your best comfy pants, grab some snacks, and settle in for a truly disturbed movie-watching experience.

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10 Best Julia Stiles Movies You Should Watch

Julia Stiles has starred in a number of iconic films over the course of her career. From her breakout role in “10 Things I Hate About You” to her turn as a skilled assassin in the “Bourne” franchise, she has demonstrated her versatility as an actress time and time again. 

Top 10 Julia Stiles Movies

“10 Things I Hate About You”

This 1999 classic is based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and follows two high school students ( Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger) who must contend with the ups and downs of teenage love. Stiles is charming and funny as Kat Stratford, the film’s heroine, making for a must-watch Julia Stiles movie.

“Save the Last Dance”

In this 2001 drama, Julia Stiles plays Sara Johnson, a ballet dancer who is forced to leave her prestigious dance academy in Chicago when her mother dies. She then moves to a predominantly black neighborhood on the south side of the city, where she enrolls in a public school and falls in love with a talented street dancer named Derek (played by Sean Patrick Thomas). Julia Stiles’ performance is touching and genuine, making “Save the Last Dance” one of her best movies.

“The Bourne Identity”

Julia Stiles co-stars alongside Matt Damon in this 2002 action thriller about a man (Damon) who is suffering from amnesia and must piece together his past. Stiles plays Nicky Parsons, a fellow operative who helps Bourne to uncover the secrets of his identity. This film is the first in the hugely successful “Bourne” franchise, and Julia Stiles is excellent in her role.

“Mona Lisa Smile”

In this 2003 drama, Julia Stiles stars as Katherine Watson, a young art history professor who takes a job at an all-female college in 1953. Watson challenges her students to think outside the box and question the traditional roles that society has assigned to them. Julia Stiles is compelling and inspiring in this film, which is one of her best.

“The Omen”

This 2006 remake of the classic horror film stars Julia Stiles as Katherine Thorn, a mother who begins to suspect that her young son (played by Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) is the Antichrist. Julia Stiles is terrific in this suspenseful and scary movie, which is one of her best.


In this 2006 drama, Julia Stiles plays Samantha Grant, a Hollywood publicist who works for Robert F. Kennedy (played by Emilio Estevez). The film is set on the day of Kennedy’s assassination in 1968, and Julia Stiles delivers a powerful and moving performance. “Bobby” is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

“The Business of Being Born”

This 2008 documentary follows a group of expectant mothers as they navigate their way through the pregnancy and childbirth process. Julia Stiles is one of the executive producers of the film, and she also appears in it. “The Business of Being Born” is an eye-opening and informative documentary that is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

“The Immigrant”

In this 2013 drama, Julia Stiles stars as Ewa Cybulska, a Polish immigrant who arrives in New York City in 1921. She quickly falls prey to the city’s dark and seedy underside, and is rescued by a kind-hearted magician named Bruno (played by Joaquin Phoenix). Julia Stiles gives a heartbreaking and powerful performance in this film, which is one of her best.

“Boynton Beach Club”

This 2005 comedy-drama follows a group of senior citizens who form a dating club after the death of their spouses. Julia Stiles plays Bea Goldman, a recent widower who is struggling to cope with her husband’s death. “Boynton Beach Club” is a charming and funny film that is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

“Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”

This 2007 short film stars Julia Stiles as Natalie Portman, a Hollywood actress who has had her head shaved for a movie role. The film is a satirical look at the celebrity culture that surrounds Hollywood, and Julia Stiles is hilarious in it. “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head” is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

Julia Stiles has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, starring in a wide variety of films. From comedies to dramas to thrillers, Julia Stiles has done it all. The list above highlights 10 of Julia Stiles’ best movies, all of which are worth watching.


Best Movies From The “Bring It On” Series

The “Bring It On” series is a franchise of teen sports movies that center around the world of competitive cheerleading. The original movie was released in 2000 and starred Kirsten Dunst as a high school cheerleader who must deal with the fallout when her team’s routines are revealed to be stolen from another squad. The movie was a surprise hit, and four sequels were produced over the next decade. While the quality of the sequels varied, they all featured talented young casts and plenty of pulse-pounding cheerleading action. Here are five of the best “Bring It On” movies, in order of release:

Bring It On (2000)

The original movie is still the best of the bunch, thanks to a clever script, great performances from Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku, and some excellent cheerleading routines. The story  of a squad of cheerleaders who have to deal with the fallout from plagiarism is surprisingly funny and smart, and the movie’s iconic “Spirit fingers” scene is a classic.

Bring It On Again (2004)

This direct-to-video sequel features a new cast of characters, but it manages to capture the spirit of the original movie. The story follows a group of college students who form a cheerleading squad and have to deal with the rivalry of a rival team. The movie is packed with great dance sequences and has a fun, light-hearted tone.

“Bring It On: All or Nothing” (2006)

This sequel brings back some of the cast from the first movie, including Hayden Panettiere as a new cheerleader who must deal with the politics of high school cheerleading. The movie features some impressive stunt work and more great dance sequences.

“Bring It On: In It to Win It” (2007)

The fourth installment in the franchise features yet another new cast, this time led by Ashley Benson as a cheerleader who competes in a national championship. The movie has some great energy and features some excellent cheerleading routines.

“Bring It On: Fight to the Finish” (2009)

The fifth and final installment in the series stars Cristine Prosperi as a high schooler who moves to Los Angeles and joins a competitive cheerleading squad. The movie features some impressive dance sequences and gives Prosperi a chance to show off her acting chops.

Other movies that can be classified as “Bring It On” movies include the “Step Up” series, the “Save the Last Dance” series, and the “Stomp the Yard” series. These movies all feature young people who are passionate about their chosen activity, whether it’s cheerleading, dancing, or step competitions. They also all focus on the importance of teamwork and dedication in order to achieve success. If you’re a fan of “Bring It On” movies, then you’ll definitely enjoy these other movies as well.

Why should you watch it?

The “Bring It On” series is a fun, light-hearted franchise that is perfect for fans of teen movies and dance movies. The movies feature talented young casts, great dance sequences, and plenty of pulse-pounding action. If you’re looking for a movie series that will keep you entertained, then the “Bring It On” movies are a great option. What are you  waiting for? Go watch some “Bring It On” movies!