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10 Best Julia Stiles Movies You Should Watch

Julia Stiles has been in some excellent movies over the years, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you’re definitely missing out. Here are ten of Julia Stiles’ best movies that you need to watch as soon as possible.

Julia Stiles has starred in a number of iconic films over the course of her career. From her breakout role in “10 Things I Hate About You” to her turn as a skilled assassin in the “Bourne” franchise, she has demonstrated her versatility as an actress time and time again. 

Top 10 Julia Stiles Movies

“10 Things I Hate About You”

This 1999 classic is based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and follows two high school students ( Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger) who must contend with the ups and downs of teenage love. Stiles is charming and funny as Kat Stratford, the film’s heroine, making for a must-watch Julia Stiles movie.

“Save the Last Dance”

In this 2001 drama, Julia Stiles plays Sara Johnson, a ballet dancer who is forced to leave her prestigious dance academy in Chicago when her mother dies. She then moves to a predominantly black neighborhood on the south side of the city, where she enrolls in a public school and falls in love with a talented street dancer named Derek (played by Sean Patrick Thomas). Julia Stiles’ performance is touching and genuine, making “Save the Last Dance” one of her best movies.

“The Bourne Identity”

Julia Stiles co-stars alongside Matt Damon in this 2002 action thriller about a man (Damon) who is suffering from amnesia and must piece together his past. Stiles plays Nicky Parsons, a fellow operative who helps Bourne to uncover the secrets of his identity. This film is the first in the hugely successful “Bourne” franchise, and Julia Stiles is excellent in her role.

“Mona Lisa Smile”

In this 2003 drama, Julia Stiles stars as Katherine Watson, a young art history professor who takes a job at an all-female college in 1953. Watson challenges her students to think outside the box and question the traditional roles that society has assigned to them. Julia Stiles is compelling and inspiring in this film, which is one of her best.

“The Omen”

This 2006 remake of the classic horror film stars Julia Stiles as Katherine Thorn, a mother who begins to suspect that her young son (played by Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) is the Antichrist. Julia Stiles is terrific in this suspenseful and scary movie, which is one of her best.


In this 2006 drama, Julia Stiles plays Samantha Grant, a Hollywood publicist who works for Robert F. Kennedy (played by Emilio Estevez). The film is set on the day of Kennedy’s assassination in 1968, and Julia Stiles delivers a powerful and moving performance. “Bobby” is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

“The Business of Being Born”

This 2008 documentary follows a group of expectant mothers as they navigate their way through the pregnancy and childbirth process. Julia Stiles is one of the executive producers of the film, and she also appears in it. “The Business of Being Born” is an eye-opening and informative documentary that is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

“The Immigrant”

In this 2013 drama, Julia Stiles stars as Ewa Cybulska, a Polish immigrant who arrives in New York City in 1921. She quickly falls prey to the city’s dark and seedy underside, and is rescued by a kind-hearted magician named Bruno (played by Joaquin Phoenix). Julia Stiles gives a heartbreaking and powerful performance in this film, which is one of her best.

“Boynton Beach Club”

This 2005 comedy-drama follows a group of senior citizens who form a dating club after the death of their spouses. Julia Stiles plays Bea Goldman, a recent widower who is struggling to cope with her husband’s death. “Boynton Beach Club” is a charming and funny film that is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

“Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”

This 2007 short film stars Julia Stiles as Natalie Portman, a Hollywood actress who has had her head shaved for a movie role. The film is a satirical look at the celebrity culture that surrounds Hollywood, and Julia Stiles is hilarious in it. “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head” is one of Julia Stiles’ best movies.

Julia Stiles has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, starring in a wide variety of films. From comedies to dramas to thrillers, Julia Stiles has done it all. The list above highlights 10 of Julia Stiles’ best movies, all of which are worth watching.